PDF files turned to rubbish

• Oct 31, 2014 - 21:32


The Musescore scores that I have saved as PDF documents are now unreadable, and saving the original mscz scores as PDF, results in the same rubbish. The titles and lyrics are still present and readable, but all the notes have vanished and a line of numbers and symbols has appeared at the top of the score:


like that.

The mscz scores still display and play properly. Any ideas?

I have reset musescore to factory settings.



If PDF files that looked good before have suddenyl stopped looking good, that must mean soemthing has gone wrong with your system or with your PDF reader. If you view the same PDF file on someone else's computer, does it look good?

If so, then the next step is to figure out what has gone wrong on your system.

If not, and you are sure this is a file that formerly looked good, I'm afraid to say you may have some sort of virus that has corrupted your files.

What OS? What version of MuseScore were you using when you created these PDF's?

As already mentioned (and worth repeating)...
Please state what version of MuseScore you are using, what pdf reader (e.g. Adobe), and under what operating system (Windows, Linux...).

If, as you say, 'saving the original mscz scores as PDF results in the same rubbish', attaching one of the mscz scores which MuseScore saves as an 'unreadable' pdf, along with that 'unreadable' pdf file, would be a big help.


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