Help to fully uninstall 0.9.5 Ubuntu

• Feb 20, 2009 - 21:30

I need to fully Uninstall 0.9.5 on Ubuntu.

In Synaptic I 'Mark for complete removal' both Musescore and Common files.

After reinstalling 0.9.5 through Synaptic it installs Musescore in the Broken state (no play panel etc - see my bug post)

This suggests to me that a config file is hanging about......

Im new to Linux and Ubuntu and simply don't know where to look for it in a Linux file system.

Upgrading from 0.9.4 fixed the same bug that appeared in 0.9.4..... Now its appeared in 0.9.5 and there is no 0.9.6 yet to fix the problem..... So... I think I need to try to fix or (probably more easily) fully wipe out and reinstall 0.9.5




Can anyone else reproduce the bug ? Ubuntu 64bit ibex Musescore 0.9.5

I enabled loading of last session from the first config tab in preff's so it loaded my last score and not the demo piece.

After that ... no play panel no midi no movement on play.

No amount of reinstalling seems to fix this.... so something is hanging about or Musescore has changed some setting outside musesecore that it relies on to function correctly... so each time it is reinstaled for 2/3/4 and version 0.9.5 its broken.

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Just to clarify something. 0.9.5 is not out. What is in the PPA is a prerelease version of 0.9.5. So next version in PPA will not be 0.9.6 but a new prerelease of 0.9.5 until 0.9.5 is officially out on musescore website.

Regarding your problem, try to install musescore and run it through the terminal with mscore -F, it should run MuseScore with factory settings and hopefully it will help.

You have two options to reset all user settings:
1) Start MuseScore with the -F options (use factory settings): "mscore -F". Then change any of the preference settings and the settings file will be overwritten with new values on exit.

2) remove the file ~/.config/MusE/MuseScore.conf or for MuseScore 0.9.5 the file ~/.config/MusE/MuseScore.ini.

If you edited the palette und want back the original ones, remove ~/.local/share/data/MusE/MuseScore/mscore-palette.xml.

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Thanks for the pointers !

I know 0.9.5 is just a test version.... I worked out what the problem was last night though. As it started to work again I was then able to go ahead to try to recreate the bug.
Although 0.9.5 is not official I produced the same bug in 0.9.4
See my post:-

'0.9.4/0.9.5 Config scramble BUG Recreated (workaround fix)'

It was the 2nd option you suggest that I adopted.

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