Sagittal Notation

• Dec 8, 2014 - 10:23

A while ago I went bananas when I saw that musescore 2.0 beta comes with a set of sagittal accidentals just by one click. Now that actually want to use them I cannot find them any more - what am I doing wrong? From what I remember, the sagittal symbols where "just there" in the accidentals palette. Now they are gone. (Or was it just a dream?) What can I do to get them back? Did I have a special setting when I happened to find the sagittals? Can I import them from the Bravura font or the sagittal-2 true type font?

A great thank you to all musescore developers and supporters. You did great work on the programm in the past months / year / years! I have been using musescore for about a year now, and I prefer it over Finale.


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