voltas do not copy

• Jul 9, 2010 - 12:32


Musescore Nightly R3258
Windows XP pro

Open enclosed score.
Create parts for both instruments. Voltas are not copied to flute.


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I'm not able to reproduce. If I go to File > Parts and create a part for Flute I see voltas in the flute part.

Tested using r. 3258 nightly build, Windows 7

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hmmmm.......tried on another computer also using 3258. No problem. Strange.. that is he second time I experience different behaviour on different computers ..and this time it is not the same 2 computers as last time..

I will try if I can find any explanation..


I had just the same problem with my score. I couldn't reproduce the problem with your score, however. Then I discovered that the problem with my score disappeared after restarting Musescore.
To make sure that restarting is indeed a workaround for this bug, I reproduced the problem by
- creating a new score with 2 instruments,
- adding a volta to the first instrument, and
- creating parts right away, without leaving Musescore in between.
And indeed, no voltas in the second part.
When I restarted Musescore and created the parts, evertything was OK again.

I tested with version, build 3507, Mac

Regards, SdM

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