• Jul 14, 2010 - 15:51


Windows XP pro
Nightly R3272

Open enclosed file. Make some changes , quit the score, press save or discard changes. Crash.

..yet sometimes if you save the file BEFORE you try to quit, it succeeds without crashing. (but not every time)

I am a little worried, because it is the second time I produce a file that crashes, and last time nobody could reproduce.

Maybe this time ? and I am anxious to hear if an error can be located.


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crash.mscz 13.16 KB


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sorry I cannot remember what was the last thing I did in the score. Had been working for a couple of hours.
If you mean if anyting is selected for editing at the moment where i close down, that is not the case.

It seems that it more often crashes when I close the actual score instead of closing the whole program.

...I cannot see any R3280 for download


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