How to left-align last line (not justified)

• Oct 10, 2008 - 20:32

Hi there,

First, congratulations for this great piece of software! I just started using it and did not find a way to get the last line in a score left-aligned (and not justified). When there are only one or two measure left at the end, they get stretched all over the page width and it's not very nice looking (only two or three notes alone all over this wide page!).

Thanks for your help!


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From menu, do: Create / Measures / Append Horizontal Frame
Then select the frame, double-click to edit it, and stretch the handle to get the required width. This will occupy the excess space.

(I've not checked this on 0.9.1, but I assume it's the same. Current revision is 1148, so there's a lot happened since that release!)

Thanks for your help. The horizontal frame did not exist in version 0.9.1 but in the meantime I installed 0.9.3 and now I can add a frame. But when I print the score, I get a plain black rectangle at the position of the frame, do you have an idea why?


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In 0.9.3 there is a style value "Last system fill threshold" which controls stretching of last line.
The value 0% will always stretch the last system to page width, 100% will never stretch. 50% means that the last system will be stretched if its natural with exceeds 50% of paper width.

The black rectangle you see in print is probably a bug. I have to look at it.

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