Problems Downloading

• Feb 27, 2009 - 19:06

I have NEVER had any problems downloading any software. But I cannot download your sortware and I would really like to try it. It tries to load and immediately stops. It doesn't even try long enough to time out. Here's hoping you will fix the issue.


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Yes, I went to the same page you indicated, and I am trying to download the Windows version. I clicked on the large green download button in the upper right corner and also tried clicking on "download" a little bit farther down the page. Nothing at all happens. I am trying to download from Firefox but also tried from Internet Explorer as well. Nothing. Then I re-booted. Nothing. Yet, I can download from other sites just fine.
Thanks for your reply..

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That did it for me! Thanks so much, i now have the program up and running. Obviously it was the link that was not working for me. Additionally, if anyone else encounters the same issue that link you provided will be there for them, as well .
Thanks again for your help!

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