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• Mar 1, 2009 - 02:25

I'm just new to MuseScore, and like what I see so far. But when I try to add measures partway into a project, the program crashes. Any hints?


Can you tell us what MuseScore version you are using as well as on what platform you are working on? (Windows, Ubuntu, ...) If you are not using the latest stable 0.9.4 release, upgrade first. If you are, can you type out the exact steps you are doing so we can reproduce the crash. Thanks in advance.

I use Windoze XP Pro SP3 on an IBM laptop (not great horsepower) and I just installed the latest version. I'll have you know I'm also reasonably experienced with Lilypond. When I try to add measures (taking at their word the hint in the opening dialogue) I use the menu Create -> Measures -> Append Measure(s). The whole thing crashes, and the dialogue to send a report to Microsoft comes up (yeah, like I'm going to tell them about this ...)

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I did test with the demo score and added or inserted a serie of measures but could not reproduce your problem.
Is it possible to provide the steps? Did you start from scratch or does it crash after you opened a ly file?

Thanks for your reply. The comment about LilyPond was a bit of a red herring, I'm afraid. What I had done was create a new score, first with the wizard -- accepting the 12-bar start, *knowing* that I could add more later. When I tried, it crashed. So I tried creating a score from scratch. It also crashed when I tried to add measures. Both times, I was trying to add measures when I had used up almost all the original measures.

Does MuseScore crash every time you try to add measures to a score? If not then maybe you can do some investigative work and discover want you are doing beforehand that causes MuseScore to crash when you later add measures to the score. This is what we mean when we ask for the series of steps that cause a crash.

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It *had* crashed every time (except one) when I was working with it before -- no idea why. But I just tried it again, and it seemed to work just fine this morning. Thanks for your persistence. I've now installed the latest release and it had trouble installing some pdf as part of the package -- dunno which or why, but I had to choose 'ignore' to complete the installation. Just to let you know there's a problem with that for the developers.

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