Formatting text in frames

• Jan 1, 2015 - 11:00

Hi guys

Is there a way to format the text in frames so that you can have some text centred, left aligned, etc?

I have created a front sheet for a piece, where I'd like the text centred. Then at the end, I have a page of lyrics, where I'd like the text left aligned. Changing the settings changes all the text in all the frames.

Can different frames have different settings?

Many thanks and Happy New Year!



In frames you can have several different text types and their styles, title, subtitle (centered), composer (right aligned), lyricist (left aligned). And plain frame text, left aligned too.
And you can change any of them after having entered them, right-click, text properties

First, what version of MuseScore? The Technology Preview forum is for discussion pre-release 2.0 builds such as the Beta and Nightly builds, so I will assume you are using those.

It is important to realize the difference betwene text *style* versus text *properties*. It is not unlike a word processor. Style controls all elements that use it. So if you change the Title *style*, you change all elements that use the title style. But it won't affect any elements that use the Composer style. That is how titles are centered but composer info is right aligned.

Text properties affect just a single element. So you might have several elements with Title style, but you can use text properties to make one be left aligned even though the others are centered. Really, though, this should not not be needed for what you are doing. You should be using a different style for lyrics versus title. So no changes you make to one should affected the other at all.

if you are still having problems, please post the score you are having trouble with, say what version of MuseScore you are using, and describe what you are trying to do in more detail.

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