Buggy Triplets

• Mar 13, 2009 - 14:40

MuseScore crashes often when I'm working with triplets. Control-3 creates the triplet no problem, then putting in the second or third note is a crapshoot since it crashes over 50% of the time as soon as I click. Running MuseScore 0.9.4 on Korean Windows XP Pro (a music [and physics] degree are great for teaching English overseas) service pack 2.

The first time it happened I lost a lot of semi-inspired creation since I was working on the fly and hadn't saved yet. It's not such a big deal since I now save immediately before creating a triplet, but it would be nice to see it fixed.

I love MuseScore. I had a lot of resources (Finale, Sibelius) at hand in University, but now it's my program of choice for making stuff.



It seems to happen when I don't click in exactly the right spot. The cursor seems to snap to very small increments around the rest, and if I'm not exact, it's a guaranteed crash.

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OK. Just create a new file from scratch with piano (any instrument it seems, I had a rock organ before that crashed). I just used the defaults 4/4 time, key of C and 12 bars. Go into note entry mode and make a note of any duration. Hit ctrl-3 to make it a triplet. When putting in the second or third note of the triplet, the cursor will sometimes snap to a position just before the blue bar, but not in unison with the first note. If I click this note in, the program stops responding, and can only be stopped in task manager.

At least once, when making a shorter duration (eighth or sixteenth note) triplet, the cursor appeared to have snapped to suitable position after the blue bar, but crashed it anyway.

Sorry if my description isn't great, it's late here, the school term just started and I had a glass of wine or two. It's Friday night here after all. I can repeat this bug every time, so I know I'm not crazy at least.

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