how to customise Keys (armatures)

• Mar 14, 2009 - 19:36

I'm new to MuseScore (0.9.4) and I wanted to write an oriental's score.
This score have these keys: F#;Eb;Ab
I've tried to drag and drop key in a free measure at the begining line without succes ...
thanks to help me (and sorry for my poor english, i'm french)


ce n'est pas une maladie!

Si tu veux une armature opérationnelle je ne pense pas que ce soit possible.
Si tu veux seulement une image je vois une possibilité pourrais détailler au besoin....

Se vi volas funkciantan tonilon, tio ne eblas, laŭ mi.
Se nur vi volas bildon, mi imagas eblaĵon, ...kaj povas klarigi se vi necesas.

I'm afraid that a functional key signature is not possible.
If you just want to have the look, I think Im able to make a suggestion, if you need.

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That looks like just a plain old G harmonic minor key. Am I wrong? Usually 2 flats suffice and the f#'s are added in the music as they occur. Kinda beastly to do it with the key signature. I'd just write it in G minor.

On the other hand, if you do get the signature to look like you like it, when an F# comes up in the score, you can always right-click the sharp sign that will come up, and select "make invisible". This will grey it out and make it not print. It will still take up space though, so a group of 16th notes may look a little out of whack. It'd be kinda tedious because you would have to do this for every F# in the score.

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