Playback, Start from Beginning Odd Behavior

• Mar 17, 2009 - 05:03

In my cello solo (cello begins in measure 5) piano accompaniment, the first measure is straight forward 4/4. The first thing played is a whole note 5th in the left hand on beat 1. The right hand begins with an 8th note rest, followed by a quarter-note triad, followed by a series of 8th note chords adding up to the requisite 4 beats. However, the playback treats that opening 8th note rest as a 16th note rest and jerks ahead to the triad, at which time it settles into the correct rhythm. I don't think it did that until tonight. I think I would have noticed it, but now it does it every time. I closed the program a couple times and reopened it, but it still played incorrecctly. I can think of nothing I've changed at the beginning except to insert the 4/4 time signature. The playback bar makes a very fast jump ahead along with the playback itself.

It does this whether I use the rewind button to return to the beginning or highlight the first note of the piece and press the Play button.


A couple of possibilities I can think of:

1. Maybe you are using a larger SoundFont than your computer can handle (large SoundFonts need lots of RAM). Maybe you have more applications open (competing for RAM) than the last time you used it.

2. Maybe the notation is incorrect. You could test this by trying it on another computer or attaching it to this thread.

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OK, I fixed it. What I had done was to insert the text "Adagio" at the first 8th note triad, NOT at the 1st note of the 1st measure which is played by the l.h. Therefore, the 8th note rest and the l.h. 5th were at the default of "1" which is probably equivalent to 100 bpm? Anyway, I deleted the "Adagio", then recreated it at the first beat of the 1st measure. Now it all plays correctly. So the tempo marking MUST be associated with the exact beat where it is to take effect. Just moving it around on the score sheet doesn't change where it takes effect which is at the note originally associated with it. Hope that makes sense.

I wish there were a way to actually see what's associated with what so such things would be apparent. Perhaps someday? I know I have invisible rests here and there, and other things that I slid off the page because I couldn't actually delete them, so I suppose they are still there somewhere waiting like gremlins? Just a few thoughts.

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