After Upgrade to 2.0, Piano Playback Sounds Terrible

• Mar 3, 2015 - 19:40

2.0 Piano playback sounds very TWANGY and electric with little fidelity.
MuseScore 1.2 piano was similar to my acoustic piano. Can I remedy this myself?


Hmm, I think maybe you're just shocked by the difference and used to the old sound, but really, the 2.0 piano (from FluidR3) is *infinitely* more realistic sounding than the 1.2 version (from TimgGM6mb). I'd giive yourself time to get used to it before thinking of making changes. It is a bit brighter though, and I could see that sounding harsh if listening through typical computer speakers.

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Let me clarify my complaint. It does sound like a piano but the output sounds like a recording sounds if you turn off all the Bass and turn the Treble up to the extreme highest level. Maybe this is my computer's fault (3 year-old MacBook Pro). 1.2 sounded far more mellow and nearly matched my acoustic piano. A bright piano would be fine. My Yamaha Grand is bright. This sounds way too bright, as if there's something wrong. I will keep making changes and let you know if I can modify this in any way. BTW, one minor annoyance is that Play Panel settings don't remain set, if I end the MuseScore Session. So I have to reset the Play Panel every time I want to test this. Thanks for your suggestion.

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What play panel settings you you want to set? Normally that's not something you would need to mess with except for temporary overrides.

Anyhow, your built in computer speakers have no bass to speak of, and that has a lot to do with why it sounds so bright. The samples in the TimGM6mb soundfont have very little range - very little bass and very little treble - so they are a good match for speakers with no bass to speak of. It will sound equally dull no matter the speaker quality. The FluidR3 piano is has a much fuller sound - real bass and real treble - but that means when played through speakers with little or no bass, you'll hear only the treble and it will sound brighter than it really is. Try listening through a decent (not expensive, just decent) set of headphones, or through a home stereo, and you'll hear the 1.2 piano as lifeless and artifical, the 2.0 piano as much richer and fuller (but yes, a bit on the bright side).

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This morning, my problem is solved. I can't explain it. I did my usual database maintenance and rebooted. We're back to a rather nice grand piano sound, EVEN on my little MacBook Pro internal speakers. I take full responsibility for whatever phenomena created yesterday's problem. I do appreciate your help and I'm glad to say, I've learned a few things in the process. -- Have a lovely day! So far, I am VERY pleased with MuseScore 2.0 !!! Donation to follow! JHJ

If the consensus is that it is too bright then it can be altered.

Unfortunately it is quite a time-consuming process - it involves changing the eq of all the samples - so would not make it into the 2.0 release later this month.

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