Musescore 2.0 Triplet glitch

• Mar 4, 2015 - 00:30

A couple issues when using triplets. (I only used triplets and didn't try other tuplets or methods.)
1: unable to copy block chords within a triplet. Asks user to copy entire tuplet.
2: I used the ctrl+3 mechanism to create triplets and had a string of quarter rests set up. I used the arrow keys to navigate from quarter rest to quarter rest. When I used ctrl+3 on the second quarter rest, the triplet came out as a sixteenth mixed with eighth note triplet instead of just an eighth note triplet.

Nothing unsolvable, just something I thought ought to be brought to the attention of the software makers.

Absolutely great software, keep up the good work.


Thanks, but in order to understand what exactly you are seeing regarding the second issue, you'd need to post the score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem (or step by step instructions to reproduce from scratch).

Regarding the first issue, it's true you cannot copy interior portions of a tuplet. Too many problems with score corruption have resulted from uncontrolled copying of tuplet fragments, so it was decided simply disabling the ability to copy fragments would be the way to solve them.

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Step by step:
1. Create a measure with 4 quarter rests
2. Select the first quarter rest and hit ctrl+3 to create a quarter note triplet (three eighth rests)
3. Press the right arrow key until the second quarter rest is selected
4. Hit ctrl+3 to create a triplet
Glitch: The triplet created is not a quarter note triplet (three eighth rests), but an eighth note triplet (three sixteenth rests) followed by an eighth rest.
5. Repeat this process on each quarter rest, and the triplets get smaller.

The score has measure one (before creating triplets) and measure two (after creating triplets)

I'm also on MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2

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Hmm, I don't think that's a bug. When you press Ctrl+3 after selecting a quarter duration, the currently selected duration (shown on the toolbar) changes to eighth. You have to reset to quarter note before creating the next quarter note. This is not different from simply entering the triplets left to right - in note input mode, type 6 Ctrl+3 C D E, then Ctrl+3 again - you'll find you now have eighth note triplets. You have to press 6 again before Ctrl+3. It's not ideal, but it's the current design, not a glitch.

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I'd call it a bug or, at least, an inconsistency.

In normal note-entry mode when you enter the next note it repeats the duration of the previous note. But triplets don't follow that pattern - when you select a rest and do [Ctrl]-3 it splits that duration into 3 but then when you get past the triplet it drops out of triplet mode. So, you'd expect that you have to repeat the [Ctrl]-3 on the next rest.

Ideally, when entering notes by letter they would repeat the previous duration (and it'd be good if triplets kept being triplets) but when you move to a rest by using the arrow key the duration would get reset to that rest - otherwise you would just keep entering notes (or pressing 0 for a rest) and wouldn't have pressed the arrow key as a specific act of moving to the next note or rest.

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I'm not following. What do you see as inconsistent? As I said, the way tuplets work is acknowledged to not be ideal when entering long streams of them, because you have to keep resetting the overal duration, but that;s the way it was designed to work. Numerous ideas for improvement have been tossed around, but so far none have stuck.

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Just to mention that there is not such a thing as tuplet mode in MuseScore currently. Pressing Ctrl+3 divide the current selected duration in the toolbar in 3 equal parts. It also automatically enter note input mode if necessary and change the current selected duration to half of it. And that's it.

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To be fair, I was in note-entering mode the entire time.

But yeah, it's one thing if you're entering notes, like obviously if you're entering eighth notes and run across a quarter rest, you want it to remain as eighth notes. But the combination of using the arrow keys and the fact that I wasn't entering notes, just triplet rests made me think it was a bug.

Do what you will, I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

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