MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2 View synthesiser problem

• Dec 24, 2014 - 19:10

I installed a925ae0 this morning and discovered that View>Synthesiser brings up a blank window. The window title bar and close icon are present, but the window content is solid black. Playback works fine, and specialist instruments and soundfonts have been carried over OK from my Beta 1 installation.

I'm running Windows XP.



Same here, WIndows 10 preview 32-bit, factory reset. Just as a test, pre-loading a plugin doesn't solve this.

I will test under Windows 8.1u1 64-bit later.

I just uninstalled and then re-installed Beta 2 to see if that would cure the problem, but it remains.

One thing surprised me: following uninstallation and re-installation, my preferences for the "Start with score", the "Score folder", and the "Soundfonts folder" had all been retained, as had the synth soundfont instrument choices. I'm left wondering how all that information was retained after a complete uninstallation. And could it be in any way related to the View>synthesiser blank window problem.


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I've edited the .ini file back to my preferences, but that doesn't seem to make the synth load the required soundfonts.

I'm hoping to stave off the move to Windows 7 until I next change the computer. And Beta 1 ran fine under XP.


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I have Windows 7 on a 64bit laptop and I have the MuseScore Beta 2.2, the play back works o.k. apart from having to lower the volume down to about half any more and the sound shatters.

I love the 2.2. although I am having some trouble to know where some of the things are. I need a handbook.

In Welsh would be great!!!!!!!

Wena Parry

I have hymns to prepare for a church service tomorrow and was beginning to panic!

Fortunately I kept the installation package for Beta 1 and have reverted to it. I'm now back in business. Beta 2 can take a back seat for now :(


Just tried installing beta 2 on my Windows 7 laptop. The View>Synthesiser window opens OK, but MuseScore hangs indefinitely when I click on the "Master Effects" tab; and any attempt to play the score using the synthesiser results in MuseScore crashing.


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Hi Steve

I definitely have the same issue as you with Beta 2 and I've got Windows 8.1. Synthesizer is just a blank, black screen. Can't seem to convince it to work and the existing soundfont is horrific compared to what I was using lol If you discover a solution, let me know. In the meantime, I'll do the same as you and switch to Beta 1.


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My requirements are very specific and probably quite unusual - I need organ sounds for accompanying congregational singing in our local Baptist church!

I've tried some of the organ soundfonts available on the Internet, but although they sound very good played locally on my PC they sound "odd" when played in the church building. It's partly that they already contain reverb from the original recording, which then gets modified by the additional reverb of our church; and it's partly that a cathedral organ sounds slightly incongruous in a smaller building. It's important, too, to have a sound that provides clear audible cues when folk are signing to it.

After a lot of experimentation I produced 6 (to add some variety) organ sounds by taking a sine wave and adding varying amounts of harmonic content. They sound quite "uninteresting" played locally but work well in our church building, and - crucially - the congregation have been singing to them for the past 10 years or so! I'm a bit reluctant to move to anything else.


I'm running Windows 7 and see the same black window and also tried to revert to factory settings, but, unlike 1.3, this Beta 2 was installed by msi so there is no exe. I don't know how to do...

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Thank you. I actually figured out that and then tried, but couldn't fix the problem. So I tried Nightly version 787373a and found no problem with the synthesizer view, though I'm still struggling to make Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra work properly...First I wrote for a violin with the default sound, and then changed it to Sonatina...and then, that violin part played timpani. I'm quite new to this software, so I have to learn more.

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I assume that's not a General MIDI - compatible soundfont unless you have some specially-hacked version where the instruments were all reassigned. So you'd have to use the mixer to select sounds for instruments individually. MuseScore expects soundfonts to conform to General MIDI in the assignment of instruments to program numbers.

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