Issue with 1.2 musescore files not opening anymore

• Mar 11, 2015 - 01:30

I created a number of files in musescore 1.2 and now none of them will open in any version, even the beta of 2.0. I've examined the files and the structure of the .mscz file itself seems to be damaged. It won't even open using an archive program (7zip) to try to access the text file (other working files open correctly). Nothing was done other than using the files through musescore though so I'm not sure how they got corrupted or in what way. There might be some other way to extract the text file and recreate the archive I'm not aware of which is why I'm posting one of the files here. If anyone has any process or is able to look at the attached file and extract the text or remedy the zip structure it would be helpful. Thanks.

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No Te Quiero Sino Porque Te Quiero.mscz 13.56 KB


Generally, if it's not valid as a ZIP, there ins't much we can do here. Maybe a ZIP expert might be able to help. Meanwhile, have you tried the backup file MuseScore creates when you open a score? It won't have the edits from the last sessions, but aside from that should be good. Same file name, but starting with a period and ending with a comma, and generally marked invisible although not on Windows for MuseScore 1.2

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