How to delete all notes of one pitch easily and quickly

• Mar 12, 2015 - 12:14

I work with a Senior Citizen hand-bell group. Some of the group does not read music and even after circling, color-coding, and writing R and L on the notes they still find the music confusing.
I have had quite a bit of success removing all but the notes actually played by the individual from the printed music.
This is pretty labor-intensive -

  • enter the piece into MuseScore
  • remove whichever clef the player will not be using
  • color the notes so I don't have to think so much
  • delete all the notes the player does not "need" (this horrifies "real" musicians!)

Possible solutions I have thought about:

  • Enter each pitch into a separate voice - not enough voices
  • Enter each group of pitches into separate voices - works pretty well because it severely depletes the number of notes I have left to work on
  • enter each pitch as a different instrument (not really, my brain couldn't handle it)

What I would like to do:

  • select/more.../select all notes of same pitch
  • delete selection

I'm open to suggestions and ideas. I think this is a pretty limited use so would not justify a feature request.



This is a very (very) long shot... but I would do it like this.
Create the score with all the notes
When done, run the shape notes plugin and use 7 notes
right click a note you don't want, select -> More -> same subtype
delete will delete all the notes with the same head, so the same pitch if you applied the shape notes plugin
when done, apply the shape notes plugins to have normal notes only

That would only work if the handbells have less than an octave range. Is it the case?

Another solution would be to use the pitch, or the note name instead of the notehead in Select > More > Subtype. But that could make other people unhappy...

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A possible solution albeit a work-around.
I copied and pasted the ColorNotes Plugin into Plugin Creator then changed the colors of the notes the player is not using to gray. The notes the player is using remain black or can be colored.
I haven't solved the problem of different octaves.
Thank you Werner Schweer, Nicolas Froment, Joachim Schmitz, and Jörn Eichler.

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