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• Mar 24, 2015 - 13:27

I have a chorus score with 4 staffs (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and only for one system I want to split for example the Tenor staff in two staffs (Tenor 1/Tenor 2) because of different rhythms. How could I do this? I just want to have it for one System and I don´t want both voices in one staff.


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I just installed MuseScore 2.0 yesterday.
I defined parts to find out if they were visible in different sheets. That works fine.
But I have al lot of scores in which both tenor voices are written in the upper bar, and the bariton and bass voices are written in the lower bar. For us (a male choir) that is a standard lay-out.
For practice purposes (for our choir members) it would be very helpfull if the 4 voices could be defined and exported, without having to paste and copy them into different bars.
So I tried to split a bar, but the system crashes.

I hope this answer is clear - i am trying to write in proper English - a bit difficult for a Dutch guy...

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Removing the slurs, split and re-add works.
When I leave the slurs in measure 3 and then try to split (default c3) it works fine.
When adding another slur somewhere else the split ends up in a crash again.
Leaving just the slurs in measure 3 and choosing a different split point results in the same crash.
Strange behavior!

By the way:
I used the split to find a way to seperate voices 1 and 2 into two bars / parts.
For that purpose the split functionality isn't the right one.
Is there another way?

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Explode works on chords with multiple notes.
It doesn't work on measures containing single notes in 2 voices. Explode just copies voice 1 and voice 2 in both staffs below.
I guess the problem is that I cannot define a part to a voice, just to a staff. Or did I miss something?

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I tried this procedure:
- I added a staff
- I selected one note in measure 2 (voice 2)
- Right-mouse click, Selection, More, Select same voice, select same bar, select replace selection, select OK
- All notes in the Tenor Staff are selected (green color)
- Edit > Cut (notes are replaced by rests)
But then what do I do?
Selecting a measure in the added staff and selecting Edit > Paste: nothing happens.
Where do I go wrong?

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