Problem note input after delete measures

• Oct 15, 2008 - 10:17

I make new score, piano. I Input any notes and I delete the last measures. Then not possible to input new notes with mouse, the cursor don´t change to input note.


I was unable to duplicate this problem. If you are able to recreate the problem and outline specific steps to recreate the problem please share the results here.

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Open Musescore with demo song
New score
No title
C Mayor
Input any notes, in measures 1,2 and 3
Select measures (rest) 4 to 12 to delete
Delete the measures (any problems too in this operation)

Now for me is impossible to enter new notes

Windows XP Pro Sp2

Muse Score r1165

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Did you do anything after deleting the last measures? If not, nothing is selected, and if you enter note entry mode, it will not allow you to enter notes. You have to select one of the notes or rests before entering note entry mode.

If you did select a note before entering note entry mode, then there is definitely some problem here. But from the description you've given, I'm not able to reproduce it.

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I trying to repeat but any times runs normally

If you repeat this operations many times (input note, delete a measures, input note, add measure, input note, delete..... ) you can see the error, in one of the steps.. the mouse not change when is over the tracks (with N selected), or change, but not input any notes.

I have the last version r1175 now, and not the same problem, but similar.

Try to make random operations of input, delete, input new measure, select, input....

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I can confirm that there is a slight problem with the note entry state, but like lvfp I cannot give a reproducible method, it seems very adhoc, sometimes the "N" is off but my cursor still seems to have note entry capability, yet unable to enter notes. I'll see if I can track all my actions leading to this problem and I will reply if I can do so.

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