Play panel --> Play count-in at playback start -craches MuseScore 2.0

• Mar 29, 2015 - 14:51

I have upgraded to MuseScore 2.0.0 revision 6e47f47 two days ago.

When playing parts of the score through the Play panel with the "Play count-in at playback start" option checked, MuseScore immediately crashes. It was the same in the Alfa version.

I have tried with Swedish, UK English and US English language settings, no difference.

I'm running Windows 7 Home premium service pack 1 with all recent updates installed.

I have searched the forum but not found any similar report.

BR Morten


Can you attach the specific score you are having problems with precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? Also say what SoundFont you are using if not the default (see View / Synthesizer) and any other relevant changes you may have made to your settings.

You might also try running with the "-F" option on the command line to revert to factory settings.

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Hi Marc,
here's the score. Created in the 2.0 beta.
I have done nothing with soundfonts etc.

I have changed the style to add bar numbers.

I have created another score not crashing doing the same.

To reproduce the problem:
I mark first note in bar 38.

View --> Play Panel --> Press "Play count-in at playback start"
Then "play" button.
MuseScore stops immediately.

Starting with -F does not help.

I hope not to violate any copyright with the score, it's just for my own practise.

BR Morten

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I can confirm the crash with this particular score, although it works for me in other scores. Perhaps it has something to do with the repeats. The crash appears to be caused by an inability to find the measure associated with the start position, which makes me thing the repeat is throwing things off.

Can you post this to the issue tracker using the link in the menu at right? Project MuseScore, component Code, category bug report, leave other fields alone. Thanks for the report!

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