Score Corrupted? Please Help!!!!

• Apr 12, 2015 - 00:37

Im trying to upload a new score, I've uploaded many and never had a problem, it is telling me that in measure 22 it needs to be 4/4 but its only getting 1/4 ??????
Please help!!!! SOS

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See_You_Again.mscz 24.51 KB


Well, yes - look at measure 22 (press Ctrl+F, enter 22). Can you see there is only one beat in the trombone measure?

Fixing it is easy - click the rest, press 7 to turn it into a whole rest. But we would love to understand how this happened in the first place. Was this score created from scratch in 2.0? Or was it perhaps imported from 1.3, or from some other program? Did you by chance edit it with an earlier experimental pre-release of 2.0? Do you remember anything unusual about how this measure was entered?

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