Sudden Change from Steinway to HONKY-TONK??

• Apr 13, 2015 - 03:09

This 2.0 problem is hard to describe but I was playing some of my piano examples for people and they commented on the mellow and realistic piano sound from the Playback. Next day, I did the same thing but the piano sound was as if there was Zero Bass sound (I use only MacBook Pro Internal Speakers). The piano sound was like Honky-Tonk piano, almost harpsichord-like. ---- I'm guessing I can reboot and the sound will change back but this gets annoying. JHJ


There shouldn't be any sudden changes unless you change soundfont or via the mixer. Maybe some of your scores are set to different sounds in the mixer?

As you have seen, there is discussion else about the brightness of the FluidR3 piano - it's not a Steinway but a Yamaha. And there is not a ton of bass that would be audible through typical laptop speakers, although it sounds good to me through headphones or better speakers. It works very well for ensemble music - particularly jazz and rock - where the brilliance helps. But if you are primarily interested in solo classical piano, you might find a different soundfont preferable. To be honest, I haven't found any I really *love*, but I do keep coming back to FluidR3 as my all-around favorite.

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Well, the change in sound is spontaneous. I do nothing with the Mixer. This could be caused by my computer but there was no sound instability in earlier releases of MuseScore. Rebooting restores the mellower piano sound, until something causes it to revert back to this "tinny" sound. I will continue to study the problem and try to learn more. -- I've never learned about soundfonts. I will look into that. Thanks!

Another possibility, especially if you have both MuseScore 1.3 and MuseScore 2.0 installed on your computer:

Suppose you have a bunch of scores created over the years with 1.3. Well, they will be playable with *both* versions 1.3 & 2.0, so you have to be aware of which version you use to play those files - those two versions of MuseScore each have a different piano sound.
(As Marc mentioned, some people have said the 2.0 piano sounds bright, or harpsichord-like.)


BTW: Scores created and saved with MuseScore 2.0 are not playable in older versions, so such a possibility can't happen (i.e. with 2.0 scores being opened in 1.3).

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