Changing score size/magnification

• Oct 17, 2008 - 21:24

Hi -- I just started to learn MuseScore and created a score with it after much effort learning how it behaves.

However, when I print the score, it looks like it is printed for an elementary grade music student. The notes, staffs, etc are all fairly large.

Is there a way to reduce the size of everything at once? The example score is very nice, but there's no hints as to how the look has been obtained.



Hello mbratch,
2 things you can do.
1. To change entire score go into LAYOUT, then PAGE SETTINGS, then SPACE - have a play changing the setting until you get what you want.
2. If you shrink it all as above and then it looks to cramped you can then change the size (length) of the measures by going into STYLE then EDIT STYLE then MEASURE then SPACING (1 = TIGHT), play with this value until you get the look you are after. (you can use the up and down arrows or enter a fractional amount manually).
Dave Collin

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