Problems with editing sf3 soundfont in Musescore 2 beta 2

• Apr 23, 2015 - 13:45

So I downloaded and installed the Viena Soundfont Editor. The only problem here is that the soundfont that Musescore 2.0 beta 2 uses is sf3 instead of sf2. Viena will only open sf2 files. So I renamed the sf3 to sf2. Viena can open the sf2 file and all the instruments are in their correct places. The only problem is that the playback is absolutely terrible. When I press a note on the keyboard on any instrument, all I hear is a high pitched squeal. Anybody know what is going on?


You cannot edit an SF3 with Vienna or Viena. Just SF2.
The difference between SF3 and SF2 is that audio is encoded in ogg in SF3 and WAV in SF2. That's why file can be open but no playback.

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You download the sf2 version from the soundfont Forum....

Make sure you scroll right to the bottom for the link to the latest version.

What is it that you are wanting to edit? It may be something that is already on the todo list, in which case I would appreciate a copy of the edited SF2 file when you have done it so that I am not repeating work already done.

BTW, do you really mean beta 2? The official version of MuseScore 2 - no beta any more - was released a month ago. Hundreds of bug fixes since the beta; if you are really still using the beta, you should update!

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