4/4 timesig

• May 2, 2015 - 14:54

please see attached why does it allow 5 beats in a bar of 4/4 time sig & how do I get rid of this ?

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As MuseScore 2.0 wanrs you when you try to laod the file, the score has become corrupt. It would be helpful if you could rememebr and describe anything about how this score was created - imported from MusicXML or some other format, perhaps? The measures with the probem - did you enter those notes directly, or was there copy and paste involved, or some other technique?

I ask because we would need to understand how this happened in order to fix the bug that allowed it in the first place. But as far as you fixing your score, you will probably need to completely remove the corrupt measures, then insert new ones to take their place and re-enter the music.

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PDF is basically just a picture, so it cannot be "converted" to MusicXML in I don't understand. How did you get this into MuseScore, then, if you created it in Sibelius but no longer have that program? Do you mean you tried the "Import PDF" function? This uses software called Audiveris to attempt to convert the PDF to MusicXML, which is then imported. This process is extremely error prone - it's really pushing the limits of technology to attempt to turn PDF - which is really just a picture - into understandable music. It's the equivalent of asking Siri - who can do a reasonable job of understanding a simple spoken sentence - to produce a full script from from listening to a movie with potentially overlapping dialog, etc.

So probably Audiveris did a poor job here. If you can find someone who does have Sibelius, they might be able to export your score for you, and yu should get *much* better results.

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