Number of systems per page

• Jan 1, 2011 - 16:12

On my score, all the pages have three systems per page except one. I tried changing sizes, margins, etc., to no avail.
On that particular page, the systems (SATB) are no larger (height) than other pages.
How can I declare the number of systems per page.
Thanks, Sandy Toms


attach your file. I edit a lot of choirs, and perhaps I find.....

but for sure you can't declare a number of systems per page. You have to find why it is so....

If you're ok with making everything on the page smaller, you could use Layout --> Page Settings and decrease Scaling: Space.

If all you want to do is move the staves closer together so they fit, here's a possible option. Muse Score has some odd quirks (not a bad thing) that allow you to use something normally used in one direction and make it go in the opposite direction. In this case, you could use vertical frames and then drag the control spot UP so that the box actually ends up a sort of reverse box. When staves change pages, it may jump, but eventually you may be able to come up with something.
I just used this method to take 5 staves, which normally fit 3 systems on my page (which is currently A4 page size with 1.25 scaling), and fit 4 onto the page with nothing technically overlapping.

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The score I downloaded had 'layout break's after every three lines, I spotted these after 2 hours, I simply deleted the blue layout icons, and then all systems filled each page as expected ( after searching on this forum to no avail. )
I hope future advice given on this forum will be monkey proof!

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