Tempo change won't "stick"

• Oct 18, 2008 - 19:49

I can right click on my tempo marking (e.g., "Moderato") at the beginning of the piece and see the current tempo. I can change it, and click OK. But when I check it again it's reverted back to what it was. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong...


The tempo seemed to "stick" when I experimented with version 0.9.3 and the latest prerelease. I wasn't able to duplicate the behavior you describe.

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David -- thanks for trying.

It seems to have been some weird "condition" the SW got into. I've had 0.9.3 go into la la land on me a couple of times (where some operation would not work). Exiting and re-entering fixes it usually. This must have been one of those sorts of things. When I exited and got back in, I was able to change it and it would stick. But then the temp name stayed red even when I clicked off of it. That went away after I played with it a bit.

Pretty minor issue.

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Sure thing David.

Here's one:

  1. I open the Lines palette, and drag a guitar position object (the object that has VII by default) to the score.
  2. I double click on the line of the object, putting it in edit mode (incorrectly thinking that's how I change the properties of the line).
  3. I right click for a menu.
  4. The line disappears.

The line will reappear if I do some operation (like add another guitar position object to the score). But refreshing the screen won't make it visible.

Moving on...

  1. I right click the line to get rid of the hook.
  2. I uncheck the hook box, click OK.
  3. The hook disappears.
  4. I move another guitar position object onto the score. It's missing the hook, but I want one on this line.
  5. I right click on its line to check the properties, and notice the hook box is check, and the height is 1.50.
  6. So I check my original line's properties, and it shows the hook box checked as well, although there's no hook.
  7. Exit the program and restart it.
  8. Now if I check the line properties on both lines, they show hook checked but with height of 0.
  9. I right click my second line to set the hook height; I set it to 1.50, click OK.
  10. The hook does not appear. I recheck the properties, and it shows the height at 1.5, but there's no hook.
  11. I close the program and re-open.
  12. Both lines have no hook; both have hook checked; one has height of 0.00, the other 1.50.

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I have also encountered such minor bugs while using MuseScore, and I found a few ways to get the program to return to normal behaviour without quitting and restarting. If the problem relates to the individual note (like disappeared stem), dragging it up and down and back to its original position cures it. If the problem relates to larger parts of the score (like able to select certain measures but not others), clicking on a tab of another (open) score then going back reinstates functionality. These weird occurrences usually happen after I perform deletion or large scale edits such as copy-paste operations. I don't think my "suggested solutions" can help to identify the location of the bug in the source though, because probably they work by causing re-initialization or re-rendering. Another minor bug is that sometimes playback does not work at all (and the play panel cannot be called up), then after closing and restarting it is completely gone. I haven't got that bug for a long time so I forgotten how I got the play panel and transport panel back. I think I turned them off then on or something..

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No it isn't due to changing soundfont or any other settings for that matter. I simply worked on editing a score then when I click "Play" on the transport panel nothing happens at all, then the play panel refuses to display when I try calling it up. Closing and restarting results in the transport panel gone, but I can call up both panels and sometimes have to reposition them because they are sent to weird docking locations. But I have not got that issue lately so I cannot provide details yet.

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