Errors in playing repetition

• Jun 13, 2015 - 11:03

I use MuseScore for chorus scores.
Here repetition of verses are very often.
Also in the variant MuseScore 1.X error occur in playing repetition so I have tried to generate work around but now in the variant 2.X simple repetition do not work.

See attached Test file. It does not work as I expect.
I have attached also an original score where you can see why it is necessary to use this kind of mechanism.
Maybe there is another way to handle it.
If so please inform me.
With this variant of MuseScore 2 I cannot switch over.

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There are a number of errors in these scores. You have many 1st voltas with no repeats. There need to be repeat signs at the end of each 1st volta or neither MuseScore nor the homan reader of the score will know to do at the end of the volta. The first Test1 score also contains an error where the voltas are in the wrong order, which again, neither MuseScore nor a human musician will be able to understand correctly.

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Hi Marc

Thanks for the information.

Can you please change the test score that it is running in the way I expect?
The volta should run 5 times with different run thoughts. I was not able to do this in any way.

Some remarks about the second score:
If I have a volta and in the volta different run thoughts are necessary, because the note durations are different, how must this been defined?
MuseScore Version 1 run correctly through the score I have placed.
If a volta starts the internal conditions were set to 1. So if an information was generated in the way that for the first run through a special part has to be used, it used it. For the second run through it used the definitions for the second part.

Your remark that a human musician does not know what must be done, if this is defined in the way, I cannot understand.

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The problem is, I - a human musician - don't understand what you expect. And others wont either. A first ending not immediately followed by a repeat sign is not standard. I could *guess* you simply left out the repeat sign, so I'd jump back to the previous repeat. But it's also possible you *don't* want them to immediately repeat after the first ending, but want them to jump over the second ending and continue. This is, again, *not* standard notation, but I am guesisng maybe it is what you intended. But 1.3 doens't support that, so I am confused by your statement that 1.3 played it correctly.

The only thing standard ntoation allows - and MuseScore accepts - is different *endings* for a repeat passage. And when doing this, you need to put a repeat sign at the end of the first ending.

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I have just checked the version 1.3 Revision 5702 because I have it still in use.

It plays the the score in the following way:
• Volta starts
• It arrives at the first sign and there is no ending signal so it plays it and jumps over the second
• If it arrives the end of the volta it starts from the beginning
• If it arrives the second time to the first sign it jumps over and then it plays the second one.
• So that is what I want

If this is not a standard notation, can you please explainto me how I can define a volta routine in which different run through are necessary.

Also I am interested how the programming must be done to handle the volta in the Test example in a correct way., so you have said this wa not done in the correct way.

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There is no standard way to notate what you are describing except to write out the whole repeated section twice. Voltas in standard notation are used for repeat *endings* only. I'm sure people have tried to use them the way you are, but it is not standard, and to a musician accustomed to standard notation, it just looks like you forgot the repeat sign, and he would probably repeat back to the beginning.

Anyhow, MuseScore does not support this non-standard notation. If it happened to work this way for this specific score, then it appears there was a bug whose effects happened to produce the results you intended in this particular case, but it wasn't correct behavior.

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Hi Marc

Are you responsible for the programming of MuseScore?
If so
Can you please give me an example how the possible definitions for the volta, which are defined in the palette, can be used.
In the palette “LINE” there are definitions for
• First volta
• Second Volta
• Third volta
Can you please show me how I can use these 3 predefined values in one volta definition.
I am not able to use these 3 in one volta so they are working in the correct way.
And if this is not possible then I think there is a mistake in the programming, because in the past it was possible.

Whom can I additionally contact for this issue?

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I am one of many people who contirbute to the development of MuseScore.

The volta lines, as I have said, are for *endings*. They can only be used for the final measures of a repeated section. The first voltas must be the last measures before the repeat sign and must be concluded with a repeat sign back to the beginning. Any other use is incorrect notation, and again, neither human musicians nor MuseScore wqill be able to understand. And that is the case in your scores. A bug in 1.3 might have happened to cause this incorrect notation to do what you intended in certain cases, but that was mere coincidence if so.

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