Nightly build #3953 on Mac OSX: New visual theme makes it difficult to see selected notation items

• Jan 27, 2011 - 13:48

With the new visual theme, it's hard to tell which note duration value is set, and whether or not the rest item is set. I've included a picture to try and help explain. In the picture, I've set the notation input to be "On", with a half note rest.

Thanks again for the great software.

- Mike.

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You should be able to change the theme in the preferences, and I believe the older one that you're probably more accustomed too is there.

Thanks. I looked and found the preference. The "Light" theme has its own problems. For instance, the labels on the names of the palettes either don't line up correctly or the buttons to expand them are too small. Take a look at the attachment to this comment.

Note... I'm not really complaining... just trying to help make the product as good as it can possibly be :-)

To the developers, please let me know if you need pre-prerelease testing done. I'd be happy to help.

- Mike.

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In your screen shot it looks like it is impossible to tell that you have selected half note rest. I'm not able to reproduce on Windows nightly build (r. 3955). The half note and rest should be as obviously selected as the N in your screen shot

Is anyone else able to reproduce?

Hmmm.... strange.... I just downloaded and re-installed r3953 and no longer have that problem. I guess this issue should be closed as non-reproducible unless it happens again.

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