Note placements in chords

• Feb 7, 2011 - 12:19

Please pardon if this topic has already been posted (I tried to search but nothing relevant seems to come up).

Is there anyway to modify the notes placement in a chord? Please see attached. The first crotchet chord and the second are the same, except for the first, the B is on the left while it's on the right in the second chord. I'd like to make it to look like the first chord.

If I add an extra voice (like the minim F in the first chord), the 2nd chord will change to exactly like the first chord. But once the voice is removed, it goes back.

I could move the notes manually, but strangely the horizontal line across the A-note will not move with the note head.

I'm using version 1.0 (although the file was created in

Thanks in advance.

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It's great that there is workaround, but I'd personally call this a bug. The second quarter looks correct to me - diagonals encountered when parsing a chord from top to bottom should layout up and to the right. I'm not understanding why the presence of the note in another voice is messing this up, unless there is some other rule for collisions I am not aware of. I do realize that there is a convention of lining up stems between voices even though that creates a "wrong" diagonal where the voices meet, but shouldn't the rest of the notes follow the "up and to the right" rule?

In general, I do see occasional issues with notehead placement, stem direction, tie direction, and so forth, that are all easily worked around (mostly by simply hitting "X"). But it should be noted that as workaround, this is usually not perfect, since if the part is ever transposed, the override you apply may no long make sense. Better to get it right in the first place - or, in cases where there are multple "right" answers, a way to set defaults.

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