Player Static

• Jul 16, 2015 - 18:53

The link below is to a score I just upload. It's an old Version 1.3 score that I saved a copy into Version 2.01. After messaging it quite a bit I thought I would use it to replace the Version 1.3 score. However, the Version 2.01 version plays back with static on every beat. Then I uploaded it as a new score with the same result. Is there a solution?


Seems to be an issue with that specific sound "Mellow Grand Piano". I recall this was created by applying some procesisng ot the original piano samples, I guess maybe some artifacts were introduced along the way, perhaps when the soundfont was compressed into sf3 format? Anyhow, switching back to the regular piano sound works.

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It worked! The Chopin Ballade sounds better than ever! Thanks. There was one formatting issue with one undesired line break being inserted upon unloading leaving one measure on a line all by itself. I'll try to fix that on the original and upload again.

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