Playback problem with new 2.0.2 - clicks

• Jul 16, 2015 - 17:21

Example file attached.

Have never had any playback issues with 2.0.1 or any of the nightly builds up to now. But 2.0.2 clicks throughout playback. Not randomly, but at certain notes, often creating a click track of its own! Solo classical guitar causes clicking as do most other instruments. But Yamaha classical piano seems OK as do some of the other less trebly instruments.

I have experimented with altering reverb settings in the synth settings. This does not affect the clicking at all.

(Windows 7 HP)

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beethoven_minuet.mscz 29.11 KB


I do not hear click. Have you tried to set the Synthesizer: Master Effects> NoEffect or vice versa Zita1 ?
Also check the Soundfont uploaded.

I went through and listened to a few scores with a variety of different sounds, and the news is unfortunately not good - a whole lot of sounds have these artifacts. For now, the solution is to simply re-install an older version of FluidR3, or try a different soundfont.

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