Mult-Measure Rests

• Mar 17, 2011 - 21:01

Can MuseScore be set up to do multi-measure rests?




Yes, they are created automatically when you generate parts from your score. Or if you just have a single part you create that you want to convert to that form, see Style->Edit General Style->Score.

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I noticed that in version 1.0 parts have multimeasure rest as default.

Can I change that, so the default has no multimeasure rest in parts?

..and how do i change the font for Coda and Segno. I do not find any text style for these?


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There doesn't seem to be a style to control coda and segno, but you can select them, double click, then increase the font size using the text toolbar at the bottom of the screen. I have already submitted a request for a text style to control the size of these in the future.

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1. double click the symbol to get into text editing mode
2. *select* the sign (my guess is that this is what you were skipping - otherwise, font changes only affect the *next* characters you type, just like any word processor)
3. click button to increase/decrease size, or just type in new font size

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