MuseScore crashes during playback and MIDI export

• Oct 22, 2008 - 10:11

I have just installed MuseScore on my computer which runs Win2000. The demo score played fine, and I was able to export a MIDI file from it. I then imported a musicXML file, which I was able to edit, including transposing the whole piece. However the program crashed when I tried to play the score. I restarted the program - same problem. Also the program crashed when I tried to export MIDI.

Could these be problems related specifically to Win2000, since most new software requires XP? I hope these problems can be fixed. I was pleased to find MuseScore, and was particularly pleased with the XML import - just being able to transpose the music is a bonus for me, but playback would be nice as well!


This problem is not related with the OS, but rather a musicXML import issue. This bug has been reported before and is most likely fixed in the latest prerelease which you can download at
If the problem still persists, could you upload the musicXML file to a new comment so we could try to reproduce the problem?

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