Default change the number of bars in a line

• Sep 9, 2015 - 12:14

Hi all,

i was wondering is there a way to automatically have only 5 bars per line. at the moment when i press and enter the number 25 the tool will insert 25 bars as requested. but... these all appear at the same line or maybe 2 lines but what i'd really like is to only have 5 bars per line. makes reading more easy.

any hints here ??
thanks in advance


By the way, it only starts with many bars per line because they are empty. As soon as you start entering notes, they measure space themselves out automatically. It is not normally necessary or even desirable to set a specific number of measures per line unless there is a very specific reason. MuseScore's automatic spacing should produce the optimum results, once you add notes - it's only if there is some very particular reason that it makes sense to overrule the default spacing. It is common in some circles, for exampe, to put breaks every *four* bars, because in most music, that ends putting the breaks in very natural places - phrases will tend to start the beginning of a line, etc. Actually setting *five* bars per line would be highly unusual. Again, unless you have a specific reaosn to want that exact number, it is probably better to just let MuseScore decide. Lines with relatively few notes may be able to fit more measures, lines with relatively many notes may be able to fit fewer, and by letting MsueScore manage this, the spacing betwene the notes stays more consistent.

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