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• May 17, 2011 - 21:30

Something I would find useful is a method to export lyrics in a song, so as, for example, I can just put text in front of singes, or I can edit in a word processor. I am not asking for a way to re-import the text.



selectable by clicking on one end and shift-clicking the other. Then the whole thing could be copied and pasted into another program. I tried, 1.0 doesn't do that at the moment.

-- J.S.

Nice to have this one. Associated with this is copy and pasting blocks of notes from one part of the score to another. If the notes you want to copy across have lyrics associated with them, the lyrics are copied as well. even If you delete the copied lyrics, the space that was created for them still remains and is difficult to remove. So the copying and pasting of lyrics from one place to another would be better as seperate function from copying and pasting notes or measures along with the ability to copy the lyrics between other software documents as well.


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Several times when working out how to use lyrics. If I put enough lines of lyrics into my score that made the measures below move down to accommodate those lryrics. When I delete the lyrics, the measures below did not move back up as they were before. However since entering a few songs and having to delete some of the lyrics while editing. The measures below now seem to recover their position. I haven't a clue as to what I did different, perhaps I left some spaces in the lyrics lines. It seems to be working logically now. It would still be nice however to be able copy and paste your notes from one part of the score to another without the associated lyrics moving with them. Ideally being able to block select lyrics the same way as notes or measures, then be able to copy and paste those measures, notes or lyrics independently of each other as separate operations. Including the ability to paste lyrics into other applications as Xavierjazz suggested.
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Yes, export of lyrics would be fantastic. And also export of lyrics with chords. It would be great when musescore would have those features. Singers often use only lyrics and no score. In this way there would still be coherence between the musicpapers of musicians and vocalists. I am hoping!

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