Substitute for the default sound font?

• Dec 23, 2011 - 14:23

Here's a link to a free sound font, Merlin-Vienna, with many instruments that also contains a couple of nice piano fonts. I believe it's could be a good substitute for the default sound font, although it is rather large.

And here are some examples of the font:


Some users already complained that the MuseScore installer is too big. The current soundfont is not that bad for its 6MB and it's free to use and distribute. Merlin Vienna is >100MB uncompressed. It would multiply by 3 the size of MuseScore install package. Moreover, I can't find a licence attached to Merlin and it's hard to know if it's free to use...

MuseScore 2.0 will support several soundfont at once. It would be great if we could host several good soundfonts on a website and be able to download them directly from MuseScore, or even get updates if a soundfont is improved. However there is currently more than 4000 people downloadinf MuseScore every day. If each of them is downloading a couple of 100Mb soundfont every day, we are talking about 1TB of bandwith every day... that's a couple of thousands $ per month of bandwith costs...

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