musescore 0.9.4 - ubuntu 9.04 - playback not working

• May 20, 2009 - 07:31

1. I had mscore playback working on ubuntu 9.04 last week on my ASUS eeePC 900. I reinstalled ubuntu and mscore and now playback does not work. For I/O I am using the internal synthesizer, /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 sound font and ALSA audio with default device. I get the following errors on starting mscore in a terminal:

$ mscore
Suspending PulseAudio
Alsa_driver: the interface doesn't support mmap-based access.
init ALSA audio driver failed
init ALSA driver failed
init audio driver failed
sequencer init failed

2. The Edit, preferences, I/O window is too big for my screen hence i don't see the bottom half which i believe has the save button. Is there a text configuration file where i can make changes using an editor or is there a way i can navigate to the bottom - there is no scroll button.

Thanks in advance


1. Sorry all - i should have done a search - the problem and solution is already documented in this forum

2. I used tab to go around not seeing the bottom of the I/O screen - is there any other way - not that important but good to know.


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Farid, I have the same playback problem (same mscore version, same distro, etc.) and I don't find the post where the solution is documented. Where's that post? I've been searching for it but I don't find it.

Thanks in advance

The problem was with Jack Sound Server; I didn't initialize it properly, so MuseScore could not "sing" anything. Now I have to search for a better soundfont because the default one is... improveable.


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