Tuplet creation changes note-duration of the first note in the tuplet

• May 19, 2009 - 15:01

When creating a tuplet I followed the approach mentioned in the manual: enter the first note of the tuplet and press ctrl-3. This leads to a tuplet being created, but at the same time the duration of the first note is halved. So for example when starting a tuplet of quarter notes, the first note is changed to an eight note by pressing ctrl-3, the other notes entered later are fine.

This occurs in svn version 0.9.5 revision 1730


This might be unexpected but it is actually the behavior described in the handbook. You need to enter the duration of the full tuplet and then it will be divided into space for three notes if you have triplets, five if you have quintuplets, etc.

For creating a tuplet of quarter notes I enter a half note (duration 2 quarters) pressed CTRL+3 and watched what happened. At first it seems ok because you then have a quarter note and 2 rests, but the rest or not the correct length. They take the time of 2 dotted eights. After changing the first rest to an actual note with pitch Musescore shortens the duration of the first note of the tuplet. So you end up with a tuplet consisting of 3 eights in stead of the wanted quarter tuplet.

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When you change the first rest to an actual note make sure your cursor is perfectly aligned with the rest. If the mouse cursor is in front of the first rest instead of on top of it then it replaces part of the first note. This is a known issue in 0.9.4. It is already fixed in the prereleases.

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I always enter a rest for the duration of the entire tuplet group first, then break it. You can then go back and enter whatever note values you want. I think this might be a better way to go if you have an 8th note triplet that starts with something besides an 8th note.

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