Different Key Signatures for Each Staff

• Dec 15, 2015 - 13:14

Modern music notation sometimes requires the key signature to be different on each staff of the same system (I'm not talking about "transposing instruments").

Sibelius already has this functionality as you can see at the bottom of this post :
...or directly on this picture :

Also it would be very usefull to be able to do the same with time signatures, like 4/4 with 12/8, or 2/4 with 6/8, etc.


If you just want to add flats or sharps visually without changing the way that key sounds, click on the first note in that measure and add a text for that note's figering... use the MScoreBC font for typing a "B" for a flat or "#" for a sharp, and that font will automatically change it to a flat or sharp sign....

This was how I was able to condense all the woodwind instruments to 3-4 clefs rather than hundreds of clefs with one assigned to each instrument.... In this document, the actual clef with the notes you see being played is actually muted in the mixer...that way it's only seen and not heard to enable multiple instrument parts to be shown on there... the actual instrument parts you hear are either unchecked in the instrument's dialogue box, so it's not seen or by right clicking a measure of an instrument clef, "selecting measure properties" and unchecking which measures you want to hide or not be seen (that's how you can have part of a bass clef show on one page or be able to have the same clef be shown or hidden or not seen on the same page)... the measure properties takes a lot more time to hide an instrument part, but it's great to use for "specific clef measures" that you want to be invisible for particular measures but still have some measures for that instrument part be seen during other places in the song, or be shown for some measures but not all.
To make a two staff instrument part that's connected such as the piano treble and bass clefs, simply click on the vertical measure line that separates those two measures, make sure you have inspector open so you can change the color to white instead of black to make the connected clefs completely disappear....

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