Soundfont does not work.

• Jun 5, 2009 - 22:55

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 Musescore v1848
Windows Vista Musescore v 1833

Soundfont jeux d'orgues 2.sf2 does not work, earlier versions worked correctly.

success, thanks and greetings.
Jaap Plaisier


This is not a General MIDI SoundFont so you will have problems if your score uses more than one instrument.

I downloaded Jeux d'orgues 2.0 and tried it. It works fine in r.1833 prerelease and r.1863 self-built (Windows XP). If your score has more than one instrument then you need to specify which organ sound you want to use for each instrument using the drop-down menus in the mixer. The drop-down menus are enable in Linux and will be enabled for the next prerelease on Windows.

Jaap Plaisier
Jun 9, 2009 - 20:02

In reply to by David Bolton

Thanks David! With Windows it works now perfectt!!! (Revisie 1869) With Linux I have not yet, I know not so good with Linux ... And Werner, Vielen Dank für dieses schöne Programm. Es ist immer besser und besser und besser...
Vergleichen mit Finale Notepad? Mmmm, Ich glaube, mehr zu Sibelius und Finale... I am happy with MuseScore!
Best regards, Jaap

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