Just Returning to Musescore!

• Feb 14, 2016 - 05:30

I used to use Musescore 1.3 a few years ago, and kind of dropped it in favor of ABC notation and EasyABC, no really good reason, ABC just seemed easier to me. Just downloaded Musescore 2.0.2 and all I can say is WOW! I must say a lot of things are still not obvious (example, something as basic as deleting a wrong note: why is a note not deleted by selecting the note and pressing "delete"? It took a fair amount of Googling to find that to delete a note on a Mac, it is select the note and then Cmd-X), but a little bit of Googling and I have pretty much found the answers to all my questions so far. A lot of things could be MUCH better explained in the Handbook, and I am keeping a note file on items that seem to be unnecessarily obscure in the Handbook for my own use and for my friends. But all in all, this is a dynamite program! I especially like the linked tabs (also not well explained in the Handbook), my ukulele group will love it! Thanks much!


Regarding "Delete", the button labeled "Delete" on Mac keyboards corresponds to the ibm-style backspace button. You should be able to utilize the Mac keyboard's FUNCTION key and press that button labeled "Delete" if you want to send the Delete command to MuseScore to do a true delete (instead of a cut like CMD-X), which would thus preserve what you already have on your clipboard.

I don't really consider this a musescore problem, but more of an Apple quirk, which any cross-platform software will just have to deal with. Curiously, extended size Apple keyboards will have both forms of the Delete button: the regular ibm-style backspace which is labeled "Delete", and ibm-style delete which is labeled "Delete ->", to further confusion: http://images.apple.com/keyboard/images/gallery/wired_1_20070813.jpg

I'm going to stop myself from ranting about Apple. I think most things are explained in the handbook, but feel free to suggest a specific thing that you think could be better explained.

We are certainly interested in your notes, which will give us insight in which barriers you bumped into as a starter. Soonce you got through the initial learning curve, feel free to attach your notes on a comment in this thread. Thanks!

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Yes, I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro running El Capitan, which only has one key marked "delete." It acts as a backspace if it is pressed by itself, and as a delete key when you hold fn and press delete. I see now that it works either way, not sure why I didn't think it did the first time I tried it. Got this one figured out! Cmd-X, I do realize, is the "cut" command. Thanks!

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