scaling measures slur

• Jun 25, 2009 - 16:23

when y scaling my score the lengths of the slur moving , and therefore some "measures slur" now are to 2 separate lines and it seems a long slur that ends on the right side of the page and not continue on the next beat.
I thought to solve the problem manually decide the number of beats for staff, All "the meauseres slurs" the same staff.
I tried to click on the bar and go to edit Measure list to see if I could choose the sizes (width) or move the bar in a different staff (system)
this is not possible?
thank you

I work with musescore 9:04 and win XP sp. 3work with musescore 9.04 and win XP sp. 3


probably you are having trouble because you used the mouse to adjust the start and end points of the slur instead of Shift+left or Shift+right.

When you drag the end points of the slur you may have noticed a brown, dotted line that indicates the anchor notes for the start and end points. Drag the end point so that it is more-or-less vertically aligned with the anchor note, then use Shift+left or Shift+right to get it back to the position you want. With the anchor notes properly set the slurs will scale properly and continue to the next system without a problem.

I also added a paragraph about this to the end of the slur page in the handbook.

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