File...Too Big?

• Jun 28, 2009 - 01:38

I'm now wondering if my file was too big and corrupted from that. My 51-page Over-300-measure song attached below corrupted while I was copying and pasting measures.

Situation: I needed to copy and paste four more measures. After I pasted the fourth-to-last measure and hit the save button, the error message popped up and the program closed. When I tried to open my file again, all that was there was a blank page (*tear,tear* lots of wasted effort....). When I right click on the file and click on properties it says the file is 0 bytes. When I try to open the file by double-clicking on it instead of using opening MuseScore first, it says there is an error and that the file is too big.

So, I'm wondering if my file corrupted because it was too big (it is a complete-band conductor's score that is 51-pages long, as aforementioned) and if anyone can see if they can open it with no problem.

Terribly Sad,


Other things to consider:

-The program never crashed before when I was using this particular file.
-I'm using prerelease r1770 on Windows Vista.
-I was going to create a backup file after I finished copying and pasting those last four measures...

Do you still have the file preceded by a period and followed by a comma like so: ".Selections from Finding Nemo The Musical - Conductor's Score 2.0.mscz,"

If you haven't resaved since the file corruption it will contain the previously saved version of the file.

Remove the comma from the end of the file name, attach it to a comment below, then open the renamed file to see what it contains.

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I did what you said and it contains everything I edited up to yesterday. So, now all I have to do is redo what I did today and I'll be done by tomorrow hopefully. :-)

Excruciatingly Happy,
P.S. I never did know what that file was for, but now I know it is a life-saver. ;-) Also, if you do happen to check the file attached, you'll see I tend to skip around a little. (I don't like people judging me on what's not done yet :-))

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