one woodwind or two playing the same part

• Mar 7, 2016 - 04:04

from what I remember it is "1." for one flute and "zu 2" for two in edition eulenberg. Is it best just to write this in or is there some way which effects playback?


I could not quite understand your question. From what I understand, if you want more than one instrument playing the same part, then notate the same part on your score.

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Well, forgive me if I misunderstand again, (for some reason, I have been pretty tired lately). Let's see, if you write a part for the Clarinet, and you want it to be played by Clarinet 1 and Clarinet 2, my advice is just to put Clarinet 1&2 on the same staff. Then, you could write the same part out on voice 1 and voice 2 (I do it that way, putting first part on voice 1 and 2nd part on voice 2). I don't think it affects playback. If let's say, you want the Oboe or saxophone to play that same part, then notate that part on the Oboe or saxophone part again.

Assuming you have both parts on the same staff, some sort of text marking is indeed the way to indicate who plays what. It won't affect playback, but the people reading it will know what to do.

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