Silent Notes during Playback

• Jun 30, 2009 - 03:00

Created using prerelease r1770 on Windows Vista. When you playback, some of the notes are silent while others you can hear. The silent notes are mainly the ones with sforzato accents, however, you can hear the notes with the accents in measures 46 and 47. Although I can hear the melody in my head, it's nice to hear it aloud. Just wondering what's the problem here. Thanks!



First of all, on my setup at least, the accented notes are not silent, but much quieter (nearly inaudible) than unaccented notes. I then added some accents to your file and they played back fine until I saved and reloaded. Then the newly accented notes all sounded much softer. It appears that the problem may be confined to just this file, though, as created a new file with flute and added accents that played well even after reloading.
I did this testing with rev number 1869 on windows. What version are you using to create this file.
I didn't know that accents affected playback. How cool is that!

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I'm currently using r1770 on Windows Vista. It seems to me that some of the prereleases have more features then the actual version releases, such as 9.4. I see that in r1770, unlike version 9.4, some ornaments and articulations, such as staccato and accents affect playback, as do dynamics (most the the time, since I mainly create big band scores and multiple dynamics on the same measure can sometimes confuse MuseScore).

Well anyways, thanks for the info. I found that when I copied and pasted the same measure with the silent notes during playback to another measure, since the theme repeats itself, that the notes weren't silent in the new pasted measure. I guess something just went wrong in the file, but no worries. :-)

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The purpose of the prereleases is to allow people to test the new features before the official release. I think version 0.9.4 was r.1518 so all preleases with a higher revision number correspond to the upcoming version 0.9.5.

It is recommended to use the latest prereleases when possible since it is difficult to tell if the problems you are having (such as silent notes, file corruption, etc) are specific to r.1770 or issues that still need to be dealt with. Nevertheless that's for the reports. They are valuable.

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