tremendous judder on playback

• Mar 17, 2016 - 16:11

before you say upload the file it is 17mins long viola concerto so it is huge. I have tried to isolate the problem by copying and pasting bits into new files to no avail, what happens is that the main file remains the same and the files that I copy into sound ok, yes I have tried copying back into the main file.


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It would be helpful if you could share your computer configuration (CPU, RAM, ...) and the score file. Alternatively, you could upload your score file (privately) to your online MuseScore account and hear if playback stutters online as well. If so, definitely report back here.

I have now played around with it a lot and think that it is some machine limitation, playback is much better at 120 rather than 160, copying and pasting parts back and forth seems to make no difference....

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