Can there be a way in the next version for the lyric words to not be stuck together?

• Apr 10, 2016 - 21:53

So, I currently write and score things for vocal and all that. I am a little tired of having words that are back to back. Theyliterallylooklikethis in the score. There is no way as of right now to fix that. Also, when I write in hymnal style, I can only make the first words of the first line of each verse line up. The rest of the lines do not line up. How do I do it? I have attached a score to replicate the problem.

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Problem_test_lyrics.mscz 9.04 KB


The minimum distance for lyrics is currently the same as the minimum distance for notes, so whatever you have that set to in Style / General / Measure is what will also be applied to lyrics. it has been proposed to add a new style parameter specifically for this, but most likely a change like that will need to wait for the next "major" release of MuseScore.

As for the lining up of the notes, the standard in music publishing is to center them, but indeed, as shown, you can override this in the text properties for the lyrics you wish to have non-standard alignment.

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