0.9.4 file loses segno and Coda when loaded into 0.9.5

• Jul 12, 2009 - 08:51


Windows Vista SP2

When in 0.9.4 r1518 I add D S al coda to a score the segno and coda marks disappear when the file is loaded into 0.9.5
The file still plays through and follows the notation logic it is just that the notation is not visible

Would the file be useful or is this a known bug?



Further to above comment - red faced- I found the notation in the score. It has been shifted from its original location to the beginning of extreme left of the score so was buried in the key signature and time.

It will works but you have to shift it manually back to the correct position.


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When you load it in 0.9.5 first after saving it from 0.9.4 the segno and Coda are in a different position from that seen in 0.9.4 however if you then save it from 0.9.5 and then reload it into 0.9.4 some are in the correct the position they were in 0.9.4 but others are not

This was saved from 0.9.4. It has not been loaded into 0.9.5

File is attached

Also did you get my file about the transposing issue in another posting with a file as requested. Was that a bug or driver error?

Thanks to all who are working on this wonderful software.

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