Vertically stacked superscript and subscript in chord symbol

• May 3, 2016 - 22:22

I got a copy of an MCA, NY, NY 1963 score that has a B dominant 7, augmented 9, augmented 4 chord neatly displayed as B7 followed by superscript +9 neatly vertically stacked above subscript +4.
Can I format chord symbols like that using MuseScore 2.0.3

(I don't know how to demonstrate with a word processor, so I did a clumsy Paint drawing - attached file)

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Not currently, at least not directly. The formatting of chord symbols is defined by the option you select in Style / General / Chord Symbols. The "Jazz" style does some superscripting etc., but not this sort of stacking except for the special case of 6-9 chords. It would be possible to create your own customzied XML file using chords_jazz.xml as a starting point, defining the stacking for your favorite combinations, but it's not somethng the average user would probably be able to pull off. Eventually I hope to see us add a chord symbol editor that would provide a more direct method to do this from within MuseScore.

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